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Free home-style breakfast

Get the day started right with a hot, home-style breakfast fixed fresh.


Relaxing pool

Beat summer's heat with a refreshing dip in our inviting outdoor pool.


High-speed internet

Wi-fi internet is essential for business, and you'll find it in every room at Grand Vista.


ATV friendly!

Grand Vista is located near some of the best ATV trails in America, & riders are welcome.



BBQ next door!

County's BBQ's portable "food truck" restaurant is stationed on the grounds of Grand Vista Hotel.

Owned and operated by Dustin Kennedy, County's BBQ offers some of the most authentic barbecue in East Tennessee. Here is a portion of an article from a local newspaper, the Oneida Independent Herald:

If you aren’t hungry when you park, you’ll be ready to eat by the time you’ve made the short walk to the door.

Inside, Kennedy has worked tirelessly to convert the former grocery store into a home-style restaurant. There are a number of things on the menu — from
hamburger steaks to tacos; from catfish to ribeye. But the main thing, obviously, is the barbecue.

It isn’t hard to find County’s BBQ, even if you aren’t familiar with the area. Just look for the smoke. The source is the same as the smells that permeate the air — the large smoker outside. There’s always something on; after all, slow cooking is the key to good barbecue.

That smoke is what attracts some diners. On Thursday, as Kennedy pauses to chat between the lunch and dinner rushes, a Kentucky couple heading south on U.S. Hwy. 27 with their 5th wheel camper en tow pull onto the side of the road for a meal.

“That’s good barbecue,” one of them says as they’re leaving.

Other customers are regulars who come back again and again. They know Kennedy, and Kennedy knows them. It’s the kind of relationship every successful chef needs. “I’ve got something special cooking for you. It’ll be just a few minutes,” Kennedy calls out as one customer in particular happens through the door. The customer is a Vietnam War veteran, and it’s his birthday, Kennedy explains later. “I wanted to be sure to take care of him."